The policemen realized that the black man was not a soldier and that he was only disguised so they arrested him and forced him to fuck them.

Two horny cops fuck a fake black soldier

For the way of walking and his response when they greeted him to make sure that he really was a soldier, the two policemen immediately realized that he was no more than a black disguised without any military rank so without losing a second they pulled out His weapons, he was pointed, handcuffed and taken away. At the police station, they started questioning him trying to give them a logical answer to the question of why he was dressed as a soldier if he was not a military man and the black man refused to respond despite the insistence of the two mature women, so they decided to punish him In a way that was not so much punishment for him as a prize for them,

The two policemen had long wanted to eat a good black cock and to be faced with a black with a big and hard lock only served to inspire them to fuck them in exchange for release, not knowing that the black had always had the fantasy of fucking Two mature men like them and who had agreed to nail them and eat their pussies even without being released


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