This mature brunette has a wonderful formula to bond young guys and is to put them horny when interviewing them so they want to fuck her.

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It is true that Lara is not a woman at all ugly and that despite her age remains so beautiful and attractive that practically no man in his right mind would be able to refuse the opportunity to put a good dust on him, but it is also true that Its age is difficult for young boys to try to tie it to them and, although it likes to much fuck youngsters all the time and almost is his favorite pastime, does not dare to go in the street offering like a slut so has devised an infallible formula to connect Youngsters with ease.

With the help of a friend cameraman who is always willing to help her so she can see the naked nude fucking and sucking cocks , Lara goes out with a microphone in her hand in search of young and handsome boys to interview and during The interviews, does nothing more than ask them about their sex life looking for warmth and at some point end up telling her that they would love to fuck her at the same time. After the confession of the kids, the slut and the friend take them to a floor to make a porn video, and there, Lara eats the cocks and lets them fuck well fucked while the friend does not stop recording and touching


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