This blonde still wonders how she ended up letting herself undergo all the vagaries of her boyfriend and ended up becoming a submissive dominated.

The blonde is the submissive slut of her boyfriend

When the boyfriend of this blonde girl began to work in the same company as she, he began to flirt her and try to seduce her all the time because she fell in love so quickly that she cared more about getting her boyfriend with the blonde than work, so every day He looked for a way to approach her until one day he invited her to lunch and after giving him the first morreo, they started to go out every week until one day he fucked her, they became boyfriends and soon they went to live together .

The blonde had come to fall in love almost as much as the groom and so he acceded to all his sexual requests without problems, so the boy soon began to play with her role plays that he liked and ended up practically becoming her slave.

The blond, who has a rather dominant character, began to feel that next to her boyfriend increasingly became a submissive and obedient slut but did not dislike, so he began to enjoy his new role and receive orders all over the world. Time as we can see in this porn video in which the blonde, upon arriving at the house, is a sign written by the groom in which he orders him to take off his clothes to undress completely and get to masturbate to have Her pussy hot and ready to be eaten and penetrated as soon as he returns to the house and finds her in balls pajeándose on the armchair in the middle of the room

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