For catching the chick wearing his wife’s clothes, the boss not only made her into balls and fucked her but even the whole body.

Pissing and fucking the chick

The head of the brown chacha came in the door, caught it washing with his wife’s clothes on and became so pissed that in his mind began to parade all possible ways to punish her and began repeating them one after another without even thinking them. After scolding him and trying to find a logical explanation for his change of wardrobe, the first thing he ordered was to remove all the clothes on their hills but as the bitch did not obey him, told him to get on his knees, pulled his cock to To make her suckle, and suddenly it occurred to him to pee her from head to foot . Then he put her in balls, put her to eat his cock and fucked her in all positions enjoying that fucking as if it were the last of his life,


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