The red-haired girl scout found out that her best client bought the cookies from the friend who ate her cock and decided to offer her more than a blowjob.

Girl scout redhead fucking with a client

That day the red-haired girl scout had been walking around the village trying to sell her cookies without success but was not worried because she knew that her best customer would end up buying them like every Tuesday, so before returning home she went to the kid’s And there he took the unpleasant surprise that the uncle would tell him that he would not buy her any more biscuits because he felt compelled to buy them from one of his companions, who was the daughter of a friend of his.

Disillusioned, she sat down on the sidewalk to think what to do when suddenly she saw her friend enter the neighbor’s house and went into the boy’s house by the garage to spy on them. So, he discovered that the reason the guarilla had stolen the client was because he suckled his cock, so he did not need to think much to realize that the only way to recover it was by offering something more than that and she, in the Sex, she considered herself an expert.

The next day, the young lady entered the neighbor’s house shortly before he returned, made a cookie path to the room and, there, was waiting for him in balls to suck his cock and let himself be fucked in all positions to renew the contract

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