The bald had just buried his cat when the neighbor redhead found it and decided to disguise himself as a sexy kitten to console him with a powder.

The neighbor comforted him with a good fuck

After burying his cat in the park, the bald man stood watching his improvised tomb and crying uncomfortably for his death, dedicating a few words of pain until suddenly the neighbor, a beautiful red-haired girl with a tiny but perfectly proportioned body, Saw him lying on the grass, approached to ask him how he was and, seeing him so sad, promised to visit him in the afternoon to keep him company.

The fox, thinking of the idea of ​​being alone with the boy on his floor and how to change his mood, decided to put on that old sexy kitty costume that he had once used to warm up his boyfriend, and when he hit the Neighbor’s door, she made it completely disguised and on all fours with her ass in pomp on the floor acting as if she were really a cat. When he opened the door, the girl found her in disguise, meowing and with a face of whore that invited him to fuck her without losing a second , but to give the situation a little more realism first he lifted her in his arms, He put her to drink a plate of milk on the floor and took out his cock to follow him to the room to put an unforgettable dust in all postures


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